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Our Runaway Government. Plenty of information is in the Internet. Here's our piece.

A rebel physician spoke for the allowed three minutes at a public hearing of the Maine Legislative Committee of DHHS, on January 15, 2014. Here is an audio recording of what he said. And if you want a copy of the memo that the physician later left for the Committee, here it is.

(You will notice that the physician did not put his medical degree after his name. This omission is deliberate. He insisted on giving his opinion as an ordinary citizen and not as a physician, to prevent repression from the medical board. Yes, he has had trouble with the board before. Read the memo and you'll learn why he is cautious.)

The Honest Public Hearing. Please download this 2-page generic handout (can print front and back of one page) available here and distribute it at every public hearing. If the hearing is truly honest, nothing special happens except the citizenry get informed. If it is run with intent to bamboozle and brainwash, the public gets alerted and learns the need to fight back vigorously.

On November 6, 2012, while our enemies were voting for a continuation of our liberal mess, one lover of freedom stood outside a polling place in Maine, offering eight citizen-initiative petitions for fairness, honesty, low taxes, and freedom. Get the word out. Download them here (as an RTF file).

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Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. The good-guy pro-freedom fighters for health care freedom. Click here.

Health care used as a weapon against our freedom. Can the free market offer health care that is good, and actually cheaper than fee-for-service? Yes! Learn how here.

If you don't like the Democrats or Republicans, don't give up. Look at the Libertarian Party. Yes, it has a Maine branch, in Winthrop. Look here.

With no income tax the parasitic industries who thrive on tax preparation would be forced to get to some real, productive work. Also, do you know how the tax code discourages corporate boards of directors from maximizing the return on their stock -- even after considering the tax advantages of various investments and assuming totally rational behavior? Take a look here.

Movies MainStream Media (and others) Absolutely DO NOT Want You to See! Click here.

Challenge the Change Agents is a full-length movie about how to prevent brainwashing in public hearings. View an early but nevertheless good copy on YouTube, here. Or buy it in DVD form here. The DVD contains screenshots from the movie so you can make your own PowerPoint presentation from it, in PowerPoint form.

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